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The Vitoria battle


EA7 Euroleague group is considered the strongest one. The two games between Caja Laboral and Olimpia, who are going to play each other again very soon, confirmed the impression. Just like in Logrono, Caja Laboral won in the closing seconds. The local team led most of the game but struggled to control Olimpia’s rally in the end. Basically those two teams look of same value. Caja Laboral won 77-75 in its very first home game of the season at Buesa Arena. With no Richard Hendrix, because of a little injury, EA7 kept coming all game long. After closing the first period up by one,  with coach Scariolo experimenting a two-point guard line-up (Cool and Stipcevic), Olimpia let Caja Laboral get away only to come back. In the end a 6-0 run with a Bourousis basket, free-throws by Fotsis and Hairston, brough Olimpia from seven points down to one point dowm: the game here was decided by German Caja’s newcomer Tibor Pleiss, first with an offensive rebound converted and then with another goal that a Bourousis’ three couldn’t cancel. The Greek center was a fantastic performer, scoring 25 points. Nicolò Melli’s game was excellent, too.

 BOXSCORE EA7: Giachetti, Stipcevic, Cook 5, Langford 4, Hairston 4, Basile 8, Fotsis 13, Melli 12, Chiotti 4, Bourousis 25