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The last shot betrays Olimpia: 64-67 in Bologna


The closing minutes are a battle, after a furious rally by Olimpia but in the three-point shootout of the last few possession Virtus came out on top. It’s good the three-point shot by Omar Cook but it’s just an illusion because Hasbrouck responds with another three and basically it’s the winning shot. Olimpia tried to answer with Malik Hairston with a mid-range jumperf and in the end with a three-point corner by Fotsis when it was down by three which limited the options. Olimpia didn’t score enough, just 64 points, an anomaly, doesn’t shoot well and lose in a tough arena for everybody. One year ago it was the only team to win in Bologna during the regular season.

FIRST HALF – Olimpia starts with Nic Melli in the line-up. The first few minutes are a struggle. The only three that goes in it’s by  Omar Cook toward the end. Bologna finds a good rhytm, takes a 8point margin, 18-10, before the three by the captain. When the first quarter is over the score is 20-13 Bologna with four misses by Keith Langford. The second unit doesn’t improve and with five minutes to go in the first, Bologna is up by 10. Coach Scariolo calls a time-out, Fotsis scores five consecutive points, Langford fins his niche, scores six and at the half Olimpia is down by five.

SECOND HALF – Keith Langford scores seven in a row and ties the score twice. Then Malik Hairston makes a couple and Milano surpasses, 42-40. When Bourousis is activated inside, Olimpia looks in control with a five-point margin, 47-42. Bologna responds withe Moracshini’s energy and when Hasbrouck using a Hendrix foul with one sceond to go in the third makes a free throw, it’s again home lead: 51-50. The start of the fourth is tough, in a matter of 38 seconds Olimpia is in the penalty. Virtus goes up 59-52 after a Mason Rocca basket inside converting an offensive rebound. Olimpia rallies. With 2’50” to go, Fotsis makes a corner three and EA7 is within one. Hairston scores on a drive and it’s 61-60 Olimpia. Gigli draws a foul by Cook in the paint, makes two but Cook responds with a huge corner three. It’s 64-62 Olimpia. Hasbroucks does the same, Hairston tries to surpass with a mid-jumper that doesn’t go in. Steven Smith makes two more free throws. Six seconds left: after a time-out, Fotsis has a last opportunity with another corner three. It’s no good.

. Gigli prende fallo da Cook a rimbalzo, segna due liberi ed è 62-61. Dall’angolo Cook segna da tre ma Hasbrouck risponde per il 65-64. Hairston prova a superare, sbaglia dalla media, il rimbalzo è di Smith. 2/2 anche per lui. Mancano sei secondi, si crea dalla rimessa un tiro da tre per Fotsis ma non va.