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Scariolo “We won by playing small”


Coach Sergio Scariolo commented the EA7 win in Venezia: “We had two difficult stretches, one was completely my fault early in the third when I decided to keep Bourousis on the court and Szewczyk in pick and pop situations scored three times and closed the gap, and another in the last two minutes when we rushed some three-pointers. Finally we also didn’t foul up by three before the Rosselli’s big buzzer-beater. Fortunately we didn’t pay the price in overtime for tying a game we felt we had won. It was crucial for us to use the four-guard line-up to better match-up against Venezia. Chiotti was good defensively the when he had to get out, I chose to go with Fotsis or Melli as 5 because they could give us better efficiency against the zone and defensively we were a little more active. It was my mistake with Bourousis in the third while with the small-ball line-up we became quicker and more difficult to match-up with. Gentile was great, not just in this game. He’s giving us a lot of defensive effort to re-pay our trust. He deserves credito, we count on him with no doubts. Langford was good at letting Gentile doing his things when he was on fire and when Ale had a letdown because of fatigue or their defense, he step up. The mistakes we made at the end could have cost us the game, but still we have room for improvement. I won’t speak about statement games or else, nor I like to define any game more important, because we need to respct everybod, If we don’t respect everybody in truth we’re not respecting ourselves. Lately we have won more than anybody else in the league. I thinks there’s a reason for that but still I want to keep everyones feet well grounded”.