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Scariolo: “We must work on defense”


Coach Sergio Scariolo talked after the EA7 first loss of the season: “We had the right approach, we got both Oleson and Lampe in foul troubles, which was our goal. We controlled the game until the end of the second, when the a crucial call was made and changed the game. I mean the Fotsis’ foul and the technical. Generally, I think that Bourousis’s fousl have been determining. Offensively we did well enourgh in spite of being bothered sometimes by a little nervousness. We still scored 85 points, but we also allowed 95 points. Clearly, our team is an offensive-oriented one more than a defensive oriented team. More work, more humility, more sacrifices will be required because defense is made more than anything else by desire. They played a smart game, getting Bourousis in foul trouble and attacking via pick and roll, both him and Hendrix, Because of their characteristics, we struggles in those situations, We have to realize that, if something doesn’t come genuinely, it will have to come nonetheless. We need to improve in an area of the game crucial. It might not be funny but it’s important and decisive. Time is plenty to improve: my teams have always been good or very good defensively. It’s  a matter of mental approach more than anything else”.