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Scariolo: “We made huge strides in chemistry”


Coach Sergio Scariolo after the big win against Efes: “What we thought was true: we knew a big game was necessary in order to beat this kind of opponent. From a charcater standpoint, in terms of spirit, determination, chemistry we made huge strides tonight. I’m very, very glad about that. To keep Efes behind for almost 40 minutes, we needed a big effort and all the players responded very well, from the first to the last. From a basketball standpoint, we have still great room for improvement, but we defended very well almost to the end, with the excpetion of a couple of lapses that cost us a couple threes while up to that point we had defended well on the perimeter. Offensively, we executed the game plan: we wanted to get the ball inside and kick it out, knowing they’re big inside and well capable to clog the middle. When we did what we’re supposed to do we’ve been effective. When we dribbled a little too much to get even closer to the rim, our shooting percenaìtages went down. Many players helped a lot. Now our goal is to rest during the game the players more fatigue or with some injuries to deal with, to keep the intensity and quality level consistent for 40 minutes. Generally speaking, it was a great start to our Euroleague season against a very strong opponent”.