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Scariolo: “We have to forget this bad night”


Sergio Scariolo talked after the loss in Avellino:  “We need to congratulate Avellino, coach Giorgio Valli and their fans: great game, well preparaed, they played with a lot of energy, using well the tools we knew: a great level of athleticism and great aggressiveness. We had a bad game and we need to accept responsibility for that. We have to turn page immediately and forget a very bad night. We started well but after the first couple of difficulties we lost any logic,allowing them to physically intimidate us, especially Ndudi Ebi. We didn’t pass the ball enough, we didn’t grab enough rebounds, we went down in a big way too easily and when we wanted to make a comeback we forced things and did worse. Just three days ago, we played an outstanding game against Efes in Euroleague, but we need to learn how to do on the road what we do at home, how to do in the league what we do in Euroleague and for 3, 4, 5 games in a row. We must go back to fight. Avellino was very good, we helped them”.