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Scariolo: “Caja Laboral is going to be tough”


Sergio Scariolo talked about the Euroleague game against Caja Laboral scheduled for tomorrow: “Caja Laboral is probably the toughest opponent to play on our own court. They’re rich in talent but more than anything else they’re historically the team less affected by playing away. Their level of officiency, year after year, has been basically the same, home and away. They know the game is very important to them. But it’s fundamental for us, too, because by winning we’d be 3-0 in Euroleague: our level of confidence’d be increased and honestly our position in the standing would be very good. We’ll be prepared to play but we also need to compete consistently for 40 minutes. Offensively we’re better than I expected at this point in the season. In other areas of the game we stille need to work hard in order to improve”