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Scariolo and Stipcevic from Athens


Sergio Scariolo upon arriving in Athens for the last regular season game in the Euroleague at Piraeus: “We’re going to play in Athens against the defending champions, a team which in the last few weeks found an excellent level of consistency and efficiency and now can rely on one of the two or three best defenses in the entire Euroleague. For us, in order to compete, will be crucial to limit the number of turnovers and play good defense especially in the two or three offensive situation where Olympiacos is particularly dangerous, starting with the pick and roll handled by Vassilis Spanoulis”.

Here is what Rok Stipcevic has to say: “We’re improving game by game and I’m pretty much sure this game in Athens will show some more progresses, at least in small details of our game. Obviously our respect for Olympiacos is very high, we know that basically they don’t lose a game since two months ago but we want to show everybody we’re a good team, capable to compete and possibly to win. They’re a great team and still we’ll try everything to play well and win”