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Samuels: “Milano is a great opportunity”


Samardo Samuels is in Milano. During these days he’s completing the medicals and the exams and he’ll be ready to join the team regularly by early next week. Samuels played three years in the NBA, with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and then finished the last season in Jerusalem. Now he’s coming off the Americs Tournament with the Jamaican National Team. He skipped the last three games, when the World Cup berth was out of reach, because of a calf injury. Samuels is from Trelawny, Jamaica, but he moved very Young to New York City and then played at the University of Louisville.

AS A PLAYER – “As a basketball player I’m a hard worker, I like to compete and to do whatever is needed to win. I want to be the best player I can possibly be and to prove that on the floor everytime I’m on a basketball floor. I’m also a leader, I like to lead with example and help the team”.

THE SUMMER – “Playing for the National Team was a good experience, it’s an honor to represent my country and make the country known in the basketball world and not just because what we do in track and field”.

THE NBA – “When you play in the NBA for three years you can say you did something of great. To me it was a dream come true. I worked hard all my life to make it happen and I did”.

MILANO – “It’s a great opportunity to play at a very high level, everybody spoke to me very well about this situation and the goal is to win as many games as possible through the Championship”.