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Moss-Man, the Fighting spirit


David Mosshas been labeled by coach Luca Banchi as the “Glue Guy” of this team, a sign made to facilitate the game of two team’s cornerstones like Alessandro Gentile and Keith Langford. Moss will be 30 in a matter of days, he’s born in Chicago, the fifth best scorer in Indiana State history. He played in Poland, in Jesi, Teramo, Bologna and finally three years in Siena. “There’s a moment, there’s always a moment, in a person’s life and in a basketball career when a change is necessary. To me that moment took place this summer and now I’m ready for Milano”, he says. Moss is known for his defensive attitude, his ability to guard the point-man right to the power forwards, he doesn’t need the ball to produce but he can produce as witnessed by his 3-point shooting percentage: 40.0% for his career, 41.7% last season.

MILANO NOW – “It’s exciting, it’s a pleasure to be here, it’s pleasure because of Luca Banchi, who knows me obviously, it’s a pleasure to be with some of the guys that I know, it’s pleasure finally because we have the chance to re-create something really special. When you come in an organization like this, who won a lot for an extended period of time, the biggest thing to do is not trying to top the past but trying to build something new, here, now, in the present. Respecting the past. I’m ready for the challenge. As a man and as a basketball player to be in this position, there’s no better feeling”.

COACH BANCHI – “He’s a coach I trust completely, who knows how to gather and prepare the players and give us all we need to succeed. From my experience, I can say he’s one of the best guys at preparing his players and give them the knowledge to do better than everybody else, Then it’s up to us, on the court, to actually do that, but nobody get you prepared better than him”.

MY FIGHTING SPIRIT – “I’m always ready to fight, because if you challenge me then you want to beat me. And if you want to beat me I want to beat you and one is going to lose. So I must be ready for a fight. But if we both give an great effort then it’s gonna be a great fight. The fighting spirit is what it takes for a winning season”.