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Luca Banchi: a coach’s word


In this video Luca Banchi talks about the Olimpia’s new season, the team and other stuff in Italian. Here we’re providing with the English version.

THE TEAM – “We changed deeply but we wanted also to add to the new players a strong trait of consistency with the past thanks to talented players like Keith Langford, Alessandro Gentile, Nicolò Melli and David Chiotti. They’re going to get the team together and being more competitive since the very first game. We know the skills of the players who were already here and we also understand the talent of players like Moss, Wallace and Angelo Gigli who have a great experience of playing in Italy. The new players we are going to find out about them day after day. We hope the basketball we’re going to implement will be well suited to make them comfortable and our goals easier to achieve”.

THE PRESEASON – “It’s going to be complicated because many players are not here but that’s consistent with what other teams around Europe are experiencing. We need to be capable to focus on the job at the hand and to keep improving practice after practice. It’s important because we need to be ready for the start of the season which will be very tough, looking at the schedule”.

PLAYING PHILOSOPHY – “We need to start from staying together, learn how to play the same basketball language and show the kind of game consistent with our strong desire to compete day in day out. I know the values at the core of the Olimpia’s history. I don’t hide that we built the team with the idea of re-creating that kind of atmosphere. We want to try to emulate what the great teams of the past did, at least in terms of effort, competitive spirit and in terms of being proud of what we’re going to accomplish. And still we don’t want to feel the pressure to win at all costs”.