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Hall of Fame 8: Sandro Riminucci


Sandro Riminucci is the unofficial record-holder for most points scored in a series A game. According to the official record book, Carlton Myers is the holder because one day he scored 87 points. But Myers played in A2 while Riminucci scored his 77 points in the top league although against a modest La Spezia team. A Pesaro native, he played for his town team until 1956 when he was 21, he was an elegant guard, known as “The Blonde Angel”, for his thin frame and the spectacular athleticism. For years, he was famous because of the record, but there’s a lot more to him than the record. Riminucci played in Olimpia from 1956 to 1970, winning nine Italian titles and the 1966 Champions’ Cup in spite of the Bradley-Vianello combo out on the perimeter reduced his opportunities a little bit, in a period of gradual, slow decline. In 1960 he took part at the Roma Olympics