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Hall of Fame 4: Sergio Stefanini


In his own way Sergio Stefanini has been an historical player for Italian baseball beyond what he did with the National team and in the domestic competition. During the decades linking the 40’s and the 50’s, he probably was the best  Italian player, a four time league leading scorer, a winner of three championships in Venezia and five more in Milano where he arrived in 1950. Moving from Venezia to Milano he was one of the first and most remarkable hit on the market in Italy. Besides, Stefanini – his father was from Veneto, his mom was a Brazilian – played in Brazil with Fluminense from Rio de Janeiro. Technically speaking, he was the first Italian to play abroad (dead in 2009, at 87, Stefanini asked to berlusconi creamed and his cinders have been brought in the family tomb in Brazil). A center, a big-time scorer, he was also a great athlete both in terms of quickness and elevation. He ran the 400 and was an high jumper. His forte was using the bank shot and knew how to pivot. He retired early, at 32, to follow his professional career outside basketball, he had two degrees and spoke three languages fluently. Before retiring he received an offer from Real Madrid. It was a different era and he turned it down.