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Hall of Fame 32: Gianmario Gabetti


He was Gianmario Gabetti and he knew his way around basketball. His family sponsored the rival team of Cantù and the passion ran through his blood although in the Olimpia’s adventure he was all alone, with no help from his great father. Gabetti has been the club’s owner in the after-Bogoncelli  era and as a fact the man that made the great dynasty of the Eighties possible with Dan Peterson as the coach and then hitting some home-runs in the trading market from the biggest one, Dino Meneghin acquired from Varese, to the most creative ones in the States, like Antoine Carr, a first-round pick from the Pistons, Bob McAdoo, Joe Barry Carroll. With Gabetti leading the organization, Olimpia won five Italian titles, completed the 1987 Grand Slam and twice won the Euroleague. With Mike D’Antoni on the bench, another of his choices, and Darryl Dawkins in the middle, Olimpia made it to the Euroleague Final Four in 1992 in Istanbul but didn’t have much luck and was beaten in the semifinal game by Partizan Belgrade. It was some sort of last hurrah because even after the last, great signing, Aleksandar Djordjevic, the only won trophy was the Korac Cup and a little later the team was sold to Bepi Stefanel. It’s obvious that with Gabetti at the helm, Olimpia made history locally and nationally.