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Hall of Fame 19: Vittorio Gallinari


Vittorio Gallinari is one of the guys from the class born in 1958, like the Boselli twins for example. He wasn’t particularly talented and probably he didn’t have a specific position to fill on the court. In Milano, he played center, power forward and even small forward. Coach Peterson liked him because he was a smart player, understanding of the nuances of the game, totally committed to the team, a fighter and mostly a terrific defensive player, one of the most famous in Italian basketball history. In fact, the tale he’s most remembered for took place in the 1983 playoffs finals against Roma, when ha changed the tempo of the game guarding Larry Wright, the dominating point-guard, 20 centimeters shorter and way more quick and elusive. Milano won that game but lost the next and the finals, so undeservedly Gallinari became famous forever because of a losing episode in spite of being more appropriately a big-time winner. In Milano, he won four Italian championships, one Korac Cup, the Euroleague championships and the Grand Slam of 1987, his last season in Milano and he took part in seven playoffs finals. In the second half of his career he won again playing in Pavia, Bologna, Verona, Livorno.