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Hall of Fame 17: Vittorio Ferracini


280 appearances, 2746 points scored. Almost 10 points per game for a player, Vittorio Ferracini, Toio for everybody. Born in Pordenone but raised basketball-wise in Milano, never known for his scoring ability. Ferracini has always been known for his team work, a tough guy, great at setting screens, helping his teammates, make his presence feel defensively and in rebounding. He played two positions, power forward and center but when Dan Peterson needed him, in a different era, he was used also at the small forward position, a’la Bobby Jones, the forward from Philadelphia who, being not very quick or a good shooter, was able to play on the perimeter anyway. Ferracini arrived in Milano when he was 16, then was loaned to Padova and Virtus Bologna, coming back home in 1973 and staying until 1983. Basically he linked two eras of the Olimpia’s history, then one with all the tie-break games against Varese and the one started by Dan Peterson. In the middle, more complicated years. In the end, Ferracini won just the Italian league in 1982 and Cup of the Cups in 1976. Ironically those were his best years when he was a fixture of the National team winning the bronze medal at the Europeans in 1975. Ferracini is the second best rebounder in Olimpia’s history but the best in offensive rebounds and the second for games played behind Mike D’Antoni. It was a great captain too, the last before D’Antoni. At the end he played in Treviso and for Fortitudo too.