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Hall of Fame 11: Massimo Masini


Massimo Masini has been one of the greatest Italian centers ever, a player more elegant than tough, not the classic physical banger but a very smart, skilled player, beautiful to watch, with good hands. Raised in Montecatini, he arrived in Milano in 1963 when he was just 18, earned himself some minutes and in 1966 was one of the lions winning the Champions Cup in Bologna. During the following years, his role expanded and until he left Milano in 1974, Masini was one of Olimpia’s cornerstone. He won four championships, two Cup of Cups beyond the Champions’ Cup. He was on the court when Simmenthal won the historical tie-break game in Roma against Varese. In the same time he was one of the key players for the National team taking part in five European Championships and three Olympics. If Dino Meneghin, younger by five years, was the arm, the brute strength, Masini was the fluidness. After his long Milano’s story, he played for Rieti, Gira Bologna and Pordenone before embarking of a nice coaching career in Montecatini and Desio.