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Gentile: “The Boston game will help”


Alessandro Gentile and Malik Hairston met the media in the official press conference after the Boston game. Here briefly there statements, you can also listen in the video.

Gentile: “I’ve been practicing with the team for two weeks, every day is better. Playing against an athletic and physical team like Boston will help me a lot, and I think it’ll help the entire team as well. They’re a very physical and athletic team, a talented one too. To me it was a new kind of experience, we played in an atmosphere with no tension and so probably you cannot judge any team after a game like that. But to me playing against those players is an honor i hope will help me in the future. It’s every player dream to go to the NBA one day. Competing against these players is helpful to understand what I need to do and improve to get to that level”

Hairston: “We competed against the best players and the best athlets in the world. Boston is also one of the best teams in the NBA. It was a great experience for me after a couple years I spent in the NBA. Olimpia? We need to understand how to compete per 40 minutes avery night with the right amount of energy. We need to work hard every day”.