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Gentile first ever back-to-back “over 20”


The Venezia’s game was the first one this season Malik Hairston was unable to play in. Malik is scoring 13.2 points per game, the team’s best scorer and also the most used with 30.2 minutes per game. He was coming off a streak of 18 free-throws made… Antonis Fotsis and Nicolò Melli are the only ones who never missed a game… Ioannis Bourousis and Malik have played in 21 games… With Hairston missing, Nicolò Melli was the team’s captain for the first time… All the 7 points Nicolò Melli scored in the game took place in the third period… Olimpia went overtime, actually two, in Biella and won. Now the record is 2-0 in overtime games. It has never played an overtime game in Milano… Gentile’s personal best is still 24 points, in Biella. It was his fourth consecutive double-figure games. During the second half of the season, he’s scoring 15.4 points per game… Keith Langford had his forth “over 20” game of the season. His best i 30… Ioannis Bourousis scored in double figure for the 16th time… Jr Bremer had a season-high of 12 points and 13 of index rating… Olimpia is 6-1 in the second half, first in the league… It won seven of the last eight, including the Brindisi’s game… The road record is now 9-3, the best in the league… In 2013 the record is 7-2 (losses in Reggio Emilia and at home against Cantù)… In the overtime Kangford had 7 and Gentile had 8… Eight games remaining in the regular season: Olimpia is gonna play 5 at home and 3 on the road, only one outside of Lombardia, the one in Sassari.