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EuroLeague Code of Conduct


Euroleague Basketball is committed to providing a fun, welcoming, safe and enjoyable experience.  It is the collective objective of the league and its clubs to do everything possible to assure that our games provide a memorable experience for all of our fans, regardless of sports results.

Euroleague Basketball values the support of all our fans – whether they are home or visiting team supporters, players, coaches, referees, season ticket customers, part of a group, single-game or mini-plan buyers, employees, partners, media, team/arena personnel and guests.  We thank you in advance for your patronage and cooperation in adhering to the Euroleague Basketball In-Arena Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”).

This Code of Conduct applies to any person in the arena.

Key Principles:

Respect all attendees and personnel.  Refrain from any physical harm or threats, and from any disruptive behaviour, including abusive, lewd and vulgar language, obscene gestures or messages, or any clothing featuring the above that directly or indirectly incites violence.

Sit only in your assigned reserved seat (unless you have a ticket in a general admission sector), and be prepared to show your ticket to ushers, stewards or security personnel when requested.

Comply with requests from arena or club personnel regarding arena policies, this Code of Conduct and emergency procedures.

Individuals are encouraged to report any failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct to the security personnel and/or any other channel made available by the club.


No person will violate any local, regional or national laws.

No person will enter or remain on the arena property for unlawful purposes.

No unauthorised person will interfere with the free passage of game attendees in public areas by deliberately obstructing or blocking aisles, walkways or other areas commonly used for public access or egress.

No person will take, deface, degrade, damage or destroy — including but not limited to littering, spitting, painting, cutting, urinating, or defecating on — any property that does not belong to them.

All persons are expected at all times to treat players, coaches, referees, game personnel, entertainers and all arena personnel with respect, decorum and proper etiquette.

Unless the proper credentials or tickets have been issued, no person will enter or attempt to enter any area of the arena that is not intended for public enjoyment and access, including but not limited to any offices, storage units, television production areas, media areas, concession stands, locker rooms, or other back-of-house areas.

No person will engage in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operations of the arena and/or the presentation of the games or its participants, including but not limited to vendors, media, partners, players, coaches, referees, security personnel and club/arena/league personnel.

Disruptive behaviour is conduct that causes other persons attending games, including club/arena/league personnel, players, referees, partners, vendors and guests to experience unreasonable annoyance or alarm and includes but is not limited to conduct that involves the use of abusive, threatening or vulgar language, gestures or signs.

Euroleague Basketball and its clubs welcome all people and do not and will not discriminate based on race, colour, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.

Any person using language, gestures or signage that is discriminatory will not be tolerated and is ground for immediate removal from the arena and other potential actions, including permanent ban from the arena and attendance at Euroleague Basketball games.

No person will take, deface, degrade, damage or destroy materials, equipment, furniture, fixtures or other types of personal property belonging to the arena, league or club, or its customers, vendors, partners, media and guests; nor use them in a manner that is inconsistent with the customary use thereof, or in a destructive, abusive or potentially damaging manner, or in a manner that is likely to cause a person injury.

All persons entering the arena are subject to search.

Use of tobacco products (including e-cigarettes and vaping devices) or illegal drugs of any kind inside or immediately adjacent to the arena, except in designated areas, is not allowed.

No alcoholic beverages may be brought inside the arena from the outside.

No weapons whatsoever are allowed inside the arena, including knives, guns, brass knuckles, flares/firecrackers poles/sticks, laser pointers or any other device that can be used to cause harm or injury to another person.

Whistles are not allowed inside the arena, as well as horns that make the same sound as the scorer’s table signals.

No person will be visibly intoxicated and/or under the influence of illegal substances.

No person will distribute, display (including on apparel) or place handbills, flyers or posters, play music, promote brands or conduct any form of business or commercial activity, unless authorised in writing by the club and allowed in accordance with local, regional and/or national laws.

Banners, signs and/or flags are allowed, subject to adherence to the principles of respect and language, as stated above.

Affixing banners, signs and/or flags to arena handrails, stairs or other locations that may violate emergency evacuation procedures or public safety is not allowed – fans bringing signs must only affix them in accordance with club policies.

Throwing any objects is prohibited.

All persons must wear shirt, pants and shoes (including skirts or shorts).

All persons’ personal hygiene and clothing cleanliness must comply with commonly acceptable social standards.

No person will engage in sexual conduct inside or immediately adjacent to the arena.

Additional Provisions for Courtside and Bench Seat Ticket Holders:

Standing is to be limited to a minimum.  Courtside and bench seat ticket holders will remain seated while the game is in progress.

Accessing and/or leaving the courtside seats is permitted when the game is not in play.

Courtside and bench seat ticket holders may not step forward onto the court at any time nor interfere with the free movement of referees, players or team/arena personnel.

Courtside and bench seat ticket holders may not interfere with portable TV cameras or accredited staff’s photo or video cameras.

No banners, signs or flags are permitted in the courtside and bench seats, nor can any clothing item be held up obstructing the visibility of others.

Musical or noisy items are not allowed in the courtside and bench seats.

Violations of the Code of Conduct:

Euroleague Basketball, the clubs and local authorities reserve the right to prohibit admission to the arena and/or expel any person who violates the Code of Conduct.



Do stay at home and do not enter the facility in case of fever (temperatures over 37.5 °) or when presenting any other flu symptoms, if you are subject to “quarantine” measures, if coming from risk areas according to indications from the WHO, if kept in isolation or if you have been in contact with people who have been tested positive for the virus or potentially infected in the previous 14 days.
•            The entrance to the facility is just allowed to people who are in possession of a valid green pass certificate. Moreover, it is advisable to save the green pass on the phone in order to be ready to present it at the entrances.
•            The ticket is nominal and therefore it cannot be transferred to third parties. Do only sit on your assigned seat and show your tickets if you are asked to do so.
•            Each person who access the arena has to undergo a body temperature control in compliance with the processing of personal data and in a way that is guaranteeing confidentiality.
•            Do mandatorily wear the mask to access the facility and during the whole duration of the stay.
•            Try to keep the times you get up from your seat to the absolute minimum. Also, do not interfere with the normal course of the game and do not have a behavior that might disturb.
•            Whenever you present any flu symptoms during the stay, do inform the staff of the emergency service which is present in the facility, make sure to keep an adequate distance from other people and to completely avoid any direct contact.
•            At the end of the game, contact between players, staff and spectators is strictly forbidden.
•            It is mandatory to follow the instructions given by the speaker when leaving the facility in order to carry out the outflow correctly.
•            The home team holds the right to send fans, who do not follow these guidelines away from the courtside, expel them entirely from the arena or sanction them for not respecting the rules. They also have the right to withdraw their ticket and forbid them to assist to any future game.