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EA7 never gave up in Spain: 85-89


The intentional foul that eliminates Andres Nocioni from the game sends Ioannis Bourousis to the line. With 1’21” to play in the game, Olimpia is back within two points from Caja Laboral Vitoria, one of the great Euroleague teams and also the first Spanish team coached by Sergio Scariolo (and next Euroleague opponent for Olimpia). It’s the perfect position to steal the win. The great rally is not completed in spite of two great baskets scored by Hairston and Langford. Down by two with 15 seconds to go, Olimpia has an excellent defensive stand and earn the possession to tie or even win the game. Fotsis gets a foul and goes to the line, but his mistake on the first attempt means he has to miss the second in purpose. Caja Laboral doesn’t make a mistake, keeps control of the ball and finishes the game winning 89-85.

Tonight Olimpia is back on the court to play Knet Logrono, a team from the second Spanish league. But it can close the first Spanish game with some satisfaction. It followed basically through all the game, but it was able to accept the challenge, fought, never gave up. The 10-0 run early in the game was in some ways an illusion, but after that the game became a serious and competitive one. The first period finished with a tie at 19 after Carlos Cabezas made a three at the buzzer. Vitoria tried to get away but still EA7 kept going after it. In the third Richard Hendrix tied the game at 53. Caja Laboral tried to get away one more time and still Olimpia rallied back before the emotional closing minutes.

BOXSCORE – Caja Laboral: Nocioni 15, Cabezas 12, San Emeterio 10, Pleiss 13, Huettel 2, Oleson 15, Hernansez Sonseca 2, Njelica 9, Causeur 11. EA7 Emporio Armani: Langford 18, Giachetti 2, Stipcevic 5, Hairston 8, Cook 2 (8 assists), Basile 9, Fotsis 13, Melli 5, Chiotti 2, Hendrix 13, Bourousis 8.