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Curtis Jerrells, scoring and leadership


Curtis Jerrells has been a symbol at Baylor University because he was the first great player recruited after a much-publicized scandal that almost grounded the basketball program involving the previous coach, some players and a tragedy. Scott Drew inherited the mess and the very first player he recruited was Curtis Jerrells, an in-state (Texas) promising guard. At Baylor he became an icon, the player who ignited everything for the future. Noew Baylor is a powerhouse but everything its is now was started by Scott Drew signing Curtis Jerrells. Then, Big Curt was part of the San Antonio Spurs organization and moved to Europe. Last year in Besiktas he played the Euroleague and scored about 14 points per game. Scoring and leadership, that’s his forte. He’s also a strong guard, with a terrific upper body and a gifted left-handed touch. In the video what he said arriving in Milano.