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Coach Banchi. “We need to contain the mismatches”


Olimpia is leaving David Moss, Kristjan Kangur and Angelo Gigli in Milano to recover from their injuries and go to Istanbul to make his debut in the Euroleague season agaunst a very tough Efes team. This is what Coach Luca Banchi and the team Captain Alessandro Gentile are left behind.
Coach Luca Banchi: “We start the Euroleague against a team of high level, starting once more with the realistic goal of making it to the Final Four thanks to a very deep roster. Regarding us we are competing against a tough opponent in a very troublesome situation because of the many injuries. But still we need to be focused, knowing we need to play a quality game both mentally and basketball-wise. Efes can use line-ups particularly strong physically and players like Planinic, Gordon, Erden capable to create mismatches close to the basket. Our ability to contain that situation could define our chance to be competitive to the end. Hopefully it’ll be a vibrant, interesting game”
Alessandro Gentile: “It’s going to be a very difficult debut against a team very strong and inside an arena historically very tough. This is the kind of game we can use to understand where we are at in our development as a team. After losing the first league game I expect a fierce game with a lot of emotions involved”