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Coach Banchi: “Big plays from the ones who struggled”


This is what Coach Luca Banchi had to say after EA7 win over Zalgiris Kaunas. The video was realized by Olimpia Milano Tv. “It was an excellent game, where we played with impressive intensity. We’re still in the beginning of our history as a team but the personality we showed was promising. The game was born under bad circumstances, because of Alessandro Gentile’s injury: up to a few minutes before tip-off we thought he couldn’t play. Then he decided to play anyway and was decisive especially in the first half when we open up a great lead. The only regret in the second period was missing a lot of open shots, quality shots, when Kaunas was zoning. We gave them hope. In this stage of the season I’m not particularly worried about the Kaunas rally, considering their value. It’s way more important and promising to be able, once we had a game again, to win it a second time with personality and with big plays from the guys who struggled the most in the first half, Samuels and Langford. They made big plays to get Kaunas into the penalty, go to the line, grab offensive rebounds giving us precious extra possessions. Players like Jerrells, Moss and Melli had a very consistent game but the ones who struggled the most gave us breath. We approached this game as a very important one to get to the Top 16, we felt a little more pressure because playing at home we basically couldn’t afford to lose. Now we focus on what we can improve as a team but at the same time we know we have some good qualities, like energy, fighting spirit, enthusiasm and we showed them with good consistency throughout the game”.