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Breaking down Gentile’s career-high


Alessandro Gentile set in Biella his new personal best in a single-game in the Italian League, by scoring 24 points. His previous career-high was set when he was playing for Treviso and he scored 23 points in Caserta, 2009/10 season. In Milano, his high was 18 points, last season against Cantù. The 31 minutes of playing-time are also his season-high. Here we broke down his scoring…

First quarter: 4 minutes, 0 points

Second quarter: 3 minutes, 0 points

First half: 7 minutes, 0 points, 0/1 from the field

Third quarter: 4 minutes, 5 points, 2/2 fron the field

Fourth quarter: 10 minutes, 11 points, 3/7 from the field, 4/4 from the line

Second half: 14 minutes, 16 points, 5/9 from the field, 4/4 the line

First overtime: 5 minutes, 4 points, 2/2 from the field

Second overtime: 4:45 minutes, 4 points, 1/1 from the field, 2/2 from the line