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All-access Olimpia: Omar Cook The Captain


The count-down to the first game of the new season has begun. So it’s the right time for an All-Access kind of story about everything taking place in Planet Olimpia. That’s the first season with Omar Cook as team captain. He’s inheriting the role form Masom Rocca. As a professional player he’s never been a captain before “but that’s part of me being the point-man and as a result the floor leader”.

A newyorker raised at the Christ the King High School, Cook played for a great season at St.John’s University, located in the same Queens borough he was born. Because of his body and the assist record he was early compared to another New York and St.John’s product, the great Mark Jackson, now serving as Golden State Warriors head coach in the NBA but for years one of the greatest passers in the NBA. In that same NBa Cook didn’t have much luck and so he mad ethe sound decision of starting anew in Europa where he played for Red Star Belgrade, Valencia and Malaga before coming to Milano. First in assists per minute played, he’s approaching the second season in EA7 but the first as team captain. “They could have made different choices and pick players as trustworthy as myself, but I’m happy they went to me”, ha saya while wearing his traditional number 10.

In this page, you can take a look at Cook in unusual situations, for example ready for make-up before a video session or before a camera, coached for once by somebody not named Sergio Scariolo.