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Ale Gentile: “Being the Cap? It’s an honor”


Alessandro Gentile,after leading Italy in scoring at the European Championships and setting himself in the first positions of a number of different stats (points, free throws, 2-point field goals, 3-point field goals) he began his season with Olimpia during this week. Tomorrow he’ll make his debut against Zielona Gora in Wroclaw. This is what he said.

THE NATIONAL TEAM – “It was a very constructive experience, very emotional. When you represent your country National Team, especially before all of Europe, you feel great sensations. It started very well, maybe above the expectations, and finished a little bit so and so but in the end it was a great experience, both on a personal and team level”.

THE CAPTAIN AND THE OLIMPIA – “I’m very happy to be here again and to be invested of such a role. Certainly I’ll make whatever I can to be a good captain, and to honor the positions. Olimpia? I thinks it’ll be a team raedy to fight, regardless talent, style of play, skills, strategy, it always started from the bottom: the desire of standing a fight, the energy you put on the court, how hungry you are about winning. Hopefully this desire of competing will be our symbol. It has to be”.