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A special day for Olimpia: Pangos, Thomas, Tonut and Voigtmann were introduced


Olimpia’s job of introducing the newcomers to the media finished last night with Kevin Pangos, Deshaun Thomas, Stefano Tonut and Johannes Voigtmann. “They are players we wanted. Pangos was the one and only point-guard we really wanted on our team; Thomas and Voigtmann are versatile players who can play multiple positions and can score from the perimeter which is good; Tonut is an Italian guy and you know how I feel about having a great core group of Italian players, but Stefano is someone we have been after for a long time and can help in the EuroLeague too,” Christos Stavropoulos, Olimpia’s general manager, said.

KEVIN PANGOS – “I’m here to be myself, I have great respect per Sergio Rodriguez, as a player and person, for what he’s done in his career, but we are two different players. I will use my strengths as a player and won’t try to be Chacho. My style of play comes from my parents, my dad has been a college coach for so many years, I had the chance to connect with a lot of basketball people and pick up thinsg and learn along the way. To succeed in the EuroLeague you need chemistry, chemistry is the key, because during a season there are many ups and downs, all the team and all the players experience things like that. Resiliency is important, too. I don’t think my style affected my chance in the NBA. It’s not about skills or personality. You need to have an opportunity and then you try to take advantage of it. Sometimes you are able to take adavntage of it, sometimes you don’t. It depends by the situations. It’s incredible that I have been able to reconnect with a lot of guys I have an history with. When I started to talk to Milano, I knew Billy, Naz and Brandon were supposed to come here. They are good people and great friends. Hopefully, we are going to do some special things.”

STEFANO TONUT – “This is something I wanted, so to say that I’m happy is an understatement. I’ll bring my energy and also some experience. I don’t have the international past of some of my teammates, but I’m 28 and some things I have done them too, even internationally. I will focus on improving in avery aspect of my game, this is my approach to the game, my mentality. Then, shooting and ball handling are fundamentals that probably need my attentiona little bit more. Improving is a day-by-day thing, it is something I will work on every day, with Coach Messina and his staff. I will also try to learn things watching my formidable teammates. Venezia was a great story for me, but I wanted to take an extra step and face every day the best players in Europe.”

DESHAUN THOMAS – “I left the business part of the game to my agent. I chose to come to Milan because I was looking for the best situations, where I could feel more comfortable. I have been drafted by the Spurs, I know Coach Messina’s culture. This is perfect for me. Milano is a prestigious club. As a player, I feel that by playing at the 3 I can be a nightmare mismatch, the same is true when Shavon Shields will be play at the 2. It’s going to be a pick-your-poison thins that can work well.”

JOHANNES VOIGTMANN – “I’m still emotional about the last two weeks, butthe bronze medal is giving me a lot of enthusiasm to start the season here in Milano. Mentally, I’m a little tired but there’s no time to regroup, the schedule doesn’t allow it. So I’m ready. I signed late and that was not ideal for me and for the club, but now I’m here. Some guys I’m familiar with, other guys I know them as opponents. I feel good about us and the opportunity to do something special.”