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MarQuez Haynes: “Come to watch my energy”


MarQuez Haynes is ready for work on Thursday. But he already began to run, sweat or more appropriately is lifting weights while staying in the strength and conditioning coach Giustino Danesi’s chamber of torture. Here we have what he had to say to our site.

FEELINGS – “It’s great, exciting to be part of such a prestigious and historical team. When you play for a team who won so much in the past you just want to keep winning and making the history an even bigger one. My expectations is to help the team win at the best of my capabilities and ultimately bring the winning tradition back to Milano”.

MY GAME – “The biggest thing is the energy. I’m a great energy guy, both on offense and defense. I’m a good on-the-ball defender, I can play two positions, point-guard and shooting-guard, my versatility is there and I can get my teammates involved. I’m trying to do a nu,ber of things”.

MY FAVOURITE PLAYERS- “I’m a huge Kobe Bryant fan especially for the mental aspect of the game, the mentality. Right now my favourite player is Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s a younger guy, but very talented, he has a great handle, he’s fun to watch. There are many players I’m trying to watch and take what I can from them”.

MILAN – “I’ve been here for a few days but it looks like a nice city, very big, a lot of people, a lot of cars. I’m going to explore new spots, in the future but the first impression has been great”.

THE FANS – “Hopefully they’ll support us, we have to play hard and win as many games as possible and then they’ll stick with us, hopefully, right to the championship”.