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Keith Langford: “I’ll be a more complete player”


Keith Langford is one of the four Olimpia players for 2013/14 season who were here in Milano also last year. But with Alessandro Gentile and Nicolò Melli still busy with National team duty, during the very first phase of the preseason he’s the only one with some connection with last season (Chiotti so far has been unable to workout full-time with the team while recovering from right hand surgery). Not just that: coach Luca Banchi appointed him as captain while newly-appointed Alessandro Gentile is away, to lead the new players. There’s no doubt that Keith Langford, almost 30, with a great career under his belt at Kansas and then mostly in Bologna, Khimki Moscow and Maccabi, is feeling the responsibility of showing some leadership too. And he showed that resolution during the first couple of exhibition games played so far. Here we have his preseason video interview for you to enjoy.