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Alberto Rossini

Alberto Rossini has been named Olimpia's team manager in the summer of 2015 returning to the club after two years. For two seasons he was an assistant coach under Sergio Scariolo. As a team manager, he's won the Italian League in 2016 and 2018, two Italy Cups and two Supercups. During the summer of 2018 he's been named Sports Director and immediately won the Supercup. He's been a terrific point guard playing for Treviglio, Cantù, Rome, Jesi where he finished his stellar career. In Cantù he won a Korac Cup in 1991 and had his best years earning a spot in the Italian national team (he won the Mediterranean Games and he also played the World Championship in Argentina, in 1990). In Jesi he won the Legadue Italian Cup. With his playing days over he started a coaching career in Jesi, moved to Milano and back to Jesi before finally coaching Veroli in Legadue.

Alessandro Barenghi

Alessandro Barenghi, ex portiere di calcio, è arrivato all'Olimpia Milano nel 2012 come "Equipment Manager"

Gianluca Solani

Gianluca Solani è arrivato in Olimpia nel 1984 come dirigente nel settore giovanile. Nel 1985/86 diviene dirigente addetto agli arbitri, ruolo che ricopre tuttora sia in campionato che in Euroleague. Nel 2005/06 ha fatto breve riapparizione nel settore giovanile come dirigente della squadra under 21 che si è aggiudicata il titolo nazionale.