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David Moss profiled on “Tattoo Italia”


David Moss met Simone Sacco for “Tattoo Italia” and explained the story inside the stories of his tattoos for a feature interview due to be published in the November issue of the magazine. “My favorite is right here – and he points to a portrait of a woman – She’s my aunt. I grew up very close to her”. Moss began to have tattoos during his high school years, at Thornwood in South Holland, a Chicago suburb he commuted to and from every day. “When I was playing in Poland before leaving I got my back tattooed”. A burning basketball on an arm is his very first tattoo, “But everyone of them has got its own story”, some of them with a spiritual mean, a religious mean or something more frivolous, like the former Sears Tower, the skyscraper which symbolizes the city of Chicago. Another interesting tattoo is “Mossman”, the nickname he earned at Indiana State. Moss was the person and Mossman was the superhero who used to save the Sycamores. This and much more in the feature interview with Cecilia Gatto’s pictures on “Tattoo Italia” magazine November issue.