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Turnovers and offensive rebounds allowed killed Olimpia’s chances in Berlin: 83-63


Turnovers (17), offensive rebounds allowed (16) and bad shooting percentages (5-for-26 from three) killed Olimpia in Berlin. At the end, the team was demoralized and lost by twenty, 83-63. Alba took a convincing lead late in the first period and from that point on, all the attempts to come back were futile. Olimpia got back within two late in the second period when three straight turnovers generated a 10-0 run and sent the teams to the locker rooms with the biggest margin of the night for Berlin, 12 points. The second half was spent looking for energy. The team tried to stay aggressive but the problems never dissipated. In the middle of the fourth the margin was reduced to five points and an offensive rebound converted by Yovel Zoosman killed any momentum Olimpia had. “You cannot always controlled your shooting percentages and tonight they were very low, but this is part of the game. We lost the game because we had too many turnovers, 17, and we allowed too many offensive rebounds, 16. That was the game. We had a rally and when we were within five or six points we had turnover, turnover, turnover,” Coach Ettore Messina said.