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Olimpia missed too many free throws and let the door open, so Pesaro won 85-82 after an overtime


The road trip to Pesaro, signaling the mid-point of the regular season (and Olimpia is 13-2), became a trap. Pesaro played with great intensity, tried to get away early and finally responded when Milano took a commanding lead towards the end. It was a nightmare end that forced the overtime and eventually allowed Pesaro to get the win, 85-82. Up by three in the last minute of regulation, a turnover let Sanford to reduce the deficit to one point. Malcom Delaney made a huge three with 14 seconds left. It looked like the winning basket once more, but Olimpia’s defense allowed a three-pointer by Matteo Tambone. With the lead back to one point, Devon Hall made only one free throws and Davide Moretti tired the game at 77-77. In the overtime, Olimpia led most of the times but stooped to score late and couldn’t convert a last-second attempt to force a second overtime. “During the closing possessions, we made too many wrong decisions, we missed too many free throws and we let one more time the opposing team to take a three that was uncalled for. We got to work on it,” Coach Ettore Messina said. He elected to rest Sergio Rodriguez and Kyle Hines, but four players scored in double digit led by Devon Hall’s 15. Olimpia struggled defensively during the first half when Pesaro went 16-for-19 from two. Eventually, the defense improved and a seven-point deficit became a five-point lead a couple of times. Still, it wasn’t enought to close the game.