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Pianigiani: “We need to set the tempo of the game against Red Star”


Coach Simone Pianigiani spoke about the Red Star game awaiting Olimpia in the last EuroLeague game of the 2017. “We face a tough team, with a lot of size. Red Star is the best EuroLeague team in offensive rebounds because the size is huge. For us it’s going to be important to battle against the size, touch as many balls as possible and set the tempo. Usually when we set the tempo, moving the ball, we do well even against the best teams, home or away, but when we stopped then the opponents size is becoming a problem impossible to overcome. So we’ll need to move their bodies, set the tempo and limit their second chances. Obviously we want to finish the year with a win in order to show to ourselves that the distance separating us from the best teams is not big. So far we have been able to stay competitive against everybody, now we want to translate this competitiveness in wins”.