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Pianigiani: “Shved will score, we’ll have to keep pushing and respond”


Coach Simone Pianigiani spoke about the upcoming game against Khimki Moscow Region at home on Thursday night: “They are an excellent team with an extraordinary offensive quality, made possible by the balance between Shved’s ability to create, finish and score, and the many athletic players they have. They also use their size and athleticism to switch consistently at the defensive end of the floor, and that way they take many options away from teams. We’ll have to find consistency and fluidity offensively even when we’ll have to do different things and defend at a high level. Shved will have his moments: we need to stay the course, not get depressed by his talent and keep pushing because eventually we’ll do the same. We want to stay in the game and turn it in our favor at the end. It’d be a great sign of progress”.