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Pianigiani is happy about execution in Barcelona


Coach Simone Pianigiani spoke about the win in Barcelona: “I think that my players deserved this win because after the final minutes of the first quarter when we lost our flow and when I changed my point guard because of an injury and we lost our timing, after that we kept playing the right way without so many turnovers, which is so important here… My players were ready after the last out of bounds to play two good defensive possessions at the end. For us this is important, because like Barca we are a completely new team, to be better and better in the final minutes, the crucial moments. Pascolo had a very good game. He’s a different kind of players with the different spacing and different shots that He generates. We needed to learn how to play with him and he had to understand how to play with so many new teammates after skipping the preseason because of an injury that complicated everything. He made a great step up tonight and one that will help our team in the long run”.