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Pianigiani: “In Valencia we’ll do our best to stay in the game”


Coach Simone Pianigiani talked about tomorrow Valencia game before embarking on the trip to Spain. “This is not the best game to re-start after the bad loss we suffered against Zalgiris. Valencia is counting on a big home-court advantage and a lot of skills, with many players with scoring abilities and bigs capable to be effective inside. Besides, Dubljevic is the one guy who can hurt any team both outside and back to the basket. They dominated the Eurocup last season before losing in the finals, they won the Liga and they are leading it again this year. At home their defense is great and winning there is very very difficult. Our goal is to stay in the game, never lose confidence and improve possession after possession and try to get a win on the road as soon as possible in spite of having some players hurt. Last week we lost a little of confidence during the Kaunas game but during the weekend in Trento we showed a lot of desire. I’m asking my players to play with confidence, trying to improve and do the best they can to build on every game and find out later what we can do, wheer we are as a team. Curtis Jerrells has not playing in a month, he’s not in game-shape but he will be available”.

Amath M’Baye had this to say: “We are going to play a tough game in Valencia, against a tough team and in a tough atmosphere. It’s going to be interesting. We’d need to play with a loro of energy and play hard on defense. That will take care of everything else”