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Pianigiani: “Barcelona is tough for us, but we will try to do something special”


Coach Simone Pianigiani held practice in the afternoon ahead of the first of the two EuroLeague games scheduled for the next three days, against Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Curiously these are two teams that like Olimpia are leading their domestic leagues so far. “Those two teams have the traits and the physicality that are difficult for us to face. Barcelona was the team that more than any other has put us in trouble: the one in their house was the only game that we could not keep close to the end. The problem is that they have the size to cover with arms and hands all the passes’ lanes, they can keep the ball on one side and crushing the paint. Obviously, we are not in top condition but this is not going to change for awhile, so let’s think about what we are. The first goal is to limit turnovers and not allow them to score easily. We will have to be balanced offensively and play defensively to the bets of our capabilities. We are just a win behind them and so it is right to attack this game with the idea of ​​doing something speciale like we did several times on the road”.