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One Day, One Play: Della Valle’s three and steal against Baskonia


The home game against Baskonia was settled in the last quarter. It was also one of those in which Amedeo Della Valle came off the bench to score 15 key points. But during the sequence that we analyze today, Della Valle broke the game open, first with an offensive play and then with a defensive one.

Olimpia is leading the game by one point, when Sergio Rodriguez calls Jeff Brooks up for a pick and pop. On Brooks’ screen, Baskonia’s defense predictably doubles Rodriguez, while Michael Eric in the middle takes up space to rule out a dribble drive and in the meantime checks Tarczewski on the baseline. Rodriguez makes the pass to Brooks. Luca Vildoza is tempted to close out on Brooks to contest a potential three pointer, but in doing so he would leave Della Valle alone. But he decides to stay in the middle so Brooks can make a comfortable pass for Della Valle’s three-point shot. When Vildoza recovers on his man it is too late. Della Valle scores.

Baskonia puts the ball in Pierria Henry’s hands. Della Valle is in charge of guarding him and here completes a monster sequence, touching the ball during Henry’s dribble then he perfects the steal and scores avoiding a last-ditch attempt to block the shot by Henry.

Here you can watch the video