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Olimpia with a team effort and a defensive gem edged Olympiacos 78-62


Facing the first EuroLeague team of its preseason, Olimpia played another promising defensive game, edging Olympiacos 78-62. After struggling a little bit offensively, Olimpia was better late in the second and definitely good in the third when it scored 23 points and took control of the game. Sergio Rodriguez had a 10-point third quarter and was helped a lot by Ricky Moraschini, at both ends of the floor. Olimpia’s largest lead was 17 in the fourth quarter. All the players were capable to help, maybe not consistently but in spurts. Aaron White, for example: he struggled early and came up big late. Shelvin Mack and Rodriguez combined for nine assists. Chris Burns had some great plays in the second quarter. Kaleb Tarczewski was facing most of the time centers with different traits, especially Augustine Rubit, who is very good at stepping up and shoot, but was great all night long using his power. he also made his free throws and a jumper from the key. At the end, it was a promising game, with a great team effort and a solid defense. Of course, both teams had a lot of missing players, six for Olimpia, five for Olympiacos.

BOXSCORE – A|X Armani Exchange Olimpia Milano-Olympiacos Pireo 78-62 (14-13; 35-28; 58-47)

Olimpia: Gravaghi, Mack 9 (4/9, 5 ass), Micov 8 (3/6), Dulkys 2 (1/5), Moraschini 7 (2/5), White 11 (5/9, 4 reb), Rodriguez 15 (3/7, 6/6 ft, 4 ass), Shashkov 4 (2/2), Tarczewski 12 (3/4, 6/6 ft, 7 reb), Cinciarini 1 (0/3), Rey 4 (2/2), Burns 5 (1/2, 5 reb). Coach: Messina.

Olympiacos: Punter 3, Baldwin 7, Paul 11, Spanoulis 7, Cherry 4, Christidis 4, Charalampopoulos 3, Chapman 2, Rubit 14, Happ 7. Coach: Blatt.