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Olimpia’s letdown cost the game in Malaga 74-71


It was a very frustrating 74-71 loss in Malaga because Olimpia did enough to win the game but failed to do everything through the end. It was able to convet a 10-point early deficit in a commanding 7-point  lead at halftime and came up strong in the fourth quarter battle taking a solid six-point lead in the last three minutes when the offense stuttered and let Malaga to comeback and win the game to the wire. “In the end their experience made the difference in a couple of details but those are important stufa. It’s not minor stuff. We have improved a lot but still we cannot finish  games that we should have won. The defense was there but we needed offense and our main scorers had problems or were tired. It’s disappointing because we can play with everybody but for some reasons we don’t take enough  out of these games. It’s crucial to stay with everybody, win as many games as possible with no regard for the standings”.