Monday 31 December 2012
Keith Langford’s consistency

Keith Langford scored 27 points in Biella, his second best scoring performance after the 30 he scored in Montegranaro. It’s been his third game in which he scored 20 or more. He scored 23 against Venezia at home. In the last six games played, he had at least 17 points five times. The only time he failed to reached 17, in Pesaro, he scored the team’s last 9 points including the game-winner. In the last six game he has 20.5 ponts per game, he’s shooting 60.9% from two, 44.0% from three, 94.4% from the line, he has 4.0 rebounds and 2.2 steals. In Biella he scored 5 in the first half, 5 in the third period, 10 in the fourth and 7 in the overtimes.,