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“I will listen and learn, open to changes”: this how Devon Hall approaches Olimpia


Devon Hall is a Virginia guy to the bone. He was born and raised in Virginia, his brother played football at Virginia, and he stayed at Virginia to play ball. He is a Virginia guy and proud to be one, since UVA has been one of the most relevant college basketball programs of the last decade or so, under Coach Tony Bennett leadership. The Coach is known as a defensive genius who know how to improve players and develop them.

  • How important it was to be developed at Virginia, Devon?

“It was huge. Playing for Tony Bennett, who is one of the most successful coaches in basketball, his schemes, the way he led, how he taught us, obviously helped me down the road, so he was extremely impactful for my career now”

  • What makes Virginia basketball program so special?

“I think the people, the people and the players they recruit, and you just tend to get better. Everybody who comes in, takes the same approach, wanting to get better each and every year. And they are obviously doing a great job, and you can see guys in the NBA or having successful careers overseas”.

  • You got selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA draft. Any special feelings?

“When you are a kid that is what you dream of. Everybody wants to play in the NBA, most of the kids want to play professionally. That was special for me and my family. It was what I worked towards my entire basketball life. To be able to hear my name called, see my name appear on the tv, was special for me and my family”.

  • You are recognized as a versatile defensive player.

“It’s part of what I do for sure, I think that being able to defend multiple positions, and on the offense being able to play multiple positions, gives you an advantage, you can be on the court pretty much any moment. So, I think being versatile both ends of the floor has helped me in my career”.

  • How different the style is between America and Europe?

“I think in America the guys might be a bit more skilled, but here just the toughness and the grit, the physicality of the game is completely different. And there is more of a team aspect here, which I respect, so you just have to learn how to go with the flow and figure out. I mean, you can get shocked when you come over here and realize the physicality of the game that is completely different from what it is in the States.”

  • How was the Bamberg experience?

“I was able to play multiple positions with Bamberg, so be able to score the ball, to pass the ball, sets teammate up and be a playmaker, that was my main role for the team. So since that was important for us, I tried to do that to the best of my abilities”

  • Can you describe your game?

“I’m a versatile player, I can play multiple positions, being a playmaker is an important part of what I do, who I am, I can defend multiple positions as well, and I’m a winner. Winning comes first”.

  • You are going to make your EuroLeague debut.

“This is the best league in Europe, you got the NBA and you got the EuroLeague. Some say it might be tougher to score in the EuroLeague than it is in the NBA so I’m looking forward to the challenge, I’m happy to be here, I’m blessed to be here.”

  • What are your expectations coming to Milan?

“Obviously, this is a successful program, so to come in, learn, get better, obviously help to keep winning. That’s my main goal, continue to win and get better”.

  • You are going to play along some legendary players here in Europe. What is your approach to it?

“Listening and learning, being open to changes, try to learn as much as I can from guys who proved to have been successful at this level, from obviously Coach Messina, who has been successful at this level. So, I will listen and open to guys who have been through it.”