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Ilaria Mazzeo

Dopo diversi anni nel Gruppo Armani incluso uno ad A|X Armani Exchange a New York, in cui ha gestito anche la trasferta americana dell'Olimpia, Ilaria Mazzeo è rientrata a Milano come "Head of Marketing and Sponsorships" del club.

Roberto Breveglieri

Roberto Breveglieri, nato a Modena nel 1966, ma bolognese di fatto, ha speso gran parte della sua carriera professionale alla Fortitudo Bologna dov'è stato responsabile del settore giovanile, scout e assistente allenatore della prima squadra anche di Jasmin Repesa con il quale vinse lo scudetto del 2005 e giocò la finale di EuroLeague nel 2004. Ha avuto esperienza anche a Reggio Emilia e Modena. Nell'estate del 2016 è arrivato all'Olimpia come scout. Dalla stagione 2017/18 è anche responsabile del settore giovanile.

Livio Proli

Livio Proli has been appointed President of the club by owner Giorgio Armani in 2008. As an executive he's led his club to three Italian league titles, two Italy Cups and two Supercups. In 2014 he was also named EuroLeague's executive of the year. Under his watch, Olimpia was included in the EuroLeague licensed teams and three times was chosen to host a game against an NBA team. In 2015 Olimpia became also the first EuroLeague team along Maccabi to play official games in the United States, in NBA arena's (Chicago and New York).

Flavio Portaluppi

Flavio Portaluppi became Olimpia's president for the 2014/15 season. Nicknamed Lupo, he was born in Milano on March 2, 1971 and is an authentic Olimpia product both as a player and executive. In 2015 he returned to his old post as club's general manager. HIS CAREER - Raised as a player in Olimpia youth system (he won three championships, with three different age-groups), Flavio made his debut in Serie A in 1989, at a very young age. After a couple of seasons in Arese, in 1992 he returned to Olimpia and stayed there for a decade. He was part of the Italian League championship team in 1996 when the coach was Boscia Tanjevic. He also won the Italy Cup during the same season. In 1993 he helped his team winning the Korac Cup under coach Mike D'Antoni. Portaluppi was also a member of the Italian National Team who won the silver medal at the Mediterranean Games in 1997. After leaving Milano, he spent the last segment of his playing career in Castelletto Ticino and the in Cremona where he finished his playing career and began his managing career. During the 2009/10 season he was the Olimpia team manager working under former general manager Gianluca Pascucci. He left the organization to take the general managing job in Cremona for two more seasons. And now, he's where he belongs. In the 2013/14 season he finished in third place in the Lega's voting for the best manager in the league, to go along his first championship as an executive. As a general manager he has won three Italian Leagues, two Italy Cups and two Supercups. NOTES - Totally he played 400 Italian League games scoring 4.233 points... He's Olimpia's all-time second best three-point shooter...

Filippo Leoni

Filippo Leoni was born in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milano) on Septmber 4, 1986. He arrived in Olimpia in 2008. The 2013/14 season's been the first as team manager, responsible for the basketball operations. HIS CAREER - After playing for Basket Cernusco, Leoni became a coach at 19 when he took the assistant coaching job of the junior team in Cernusco. In 2006, he was named Cernusco's Under 16 team head coach adn assistant coach of the serie C's team. He kept the dual role up to the 2008 summer when he moved to Olimpia Milano to be an assistant coach for the Under 19 and Under 15 teams. In 2009 he assisted for the Under 17 and Under 14 teams; in 2010/11 he worked with the Under 17 and Under 16 teams. In 2011/12 he was the Under 14 team head coach but also assisted Paolo Avantaggiato as team manager. NOTES - In 2011 he won the Under 15 national championship assisting Stefano Bizzozero and his Under 17 team finished fourth. In 2013 he won antoher National championships with the Under 17 team assisting Paolo Galbiati.

Alberto Rossini

Alberto Rossini has been named Olimpia's team manager in the summer of 2015 returning to the club after two years. For two seasons he was an assistant coach under Sergio Scariolo. As a team manager, he's won the Italian League in 2016 and 2018, two Italy Cups and two Supercups. HIA CAREER - He's been a terrific point guard playing for Treviglio, Cantù, Rome, Jesi where he finished his stellar career. In Cantù he won a Korac Cup in 1991 and had his best years earning a spot in the Italian national team (he won the Mediterranean Games and he also played the World Championship in Argentina, in 1990). In Jesi he won the Legadue Italian Cup. With his playing days over he started a coaching career in Jesi, moved to Milano and back to Jesi before finally coaching Veroli in Legadue. Now he's Olimpia's team manager.

Marco Cardani

Marco Cardani arrived at Olimpia Milano in the summer of 2016 to take charge of the coach of Under 20 and Under 18 teams, as well as driving the DNC Bernareggio team consisting of young Olimpia boys in double membership. Cardani comes from Casale Monferrato where he played in the youths and then started his coach as manager of the youth sector and finally also assistant to Marco Ramondino in Serie A2.

Gabriele Salis

Gabriele Salis è arrivato all'Olimpia nel 2014. Dalla stagione 2015/16 è responsabile del dipartimento ticketing che sotto la sua guida nel 2016/17 ha stabiltio il nuovo record societario di abbonamenti e presenze alle partite di EuroLeague. Si occupa anche del settore merchandising.

Alessandro Barenghi

Alessandro Barenghi, ex portiere di calcio, è alla quarta stagione come "equipment manager" del club. In queste vesti ha vinto due scudetti, due Coppe Italia e una Supercoppa.

Gianluca Solani

Gianluca Solani came to Olimpia in 1984 as a leader in the youth field. In 1985/86 he became an assistant referee, a role he still plays in the league and in the Euroleague. In 2005/06 he made a brief reappearance in the youth sector as manager of the under 21 team that won the national title. But his role has always been tied to the arbitration world. Of all the people currently in Olympia, Solani is the one with the oldest militia in the white club with whom he won six championships, five Coppa Italia, one Super Cup, one Korac Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and two Champions Cups.

Andrea Meszeli

Andrea Meszeli è arrivato all'Olimpia nell'estate del 2014. Lavora nel dipartimento ticketing della società, è responsabile di tutte le operazioni di accreditamento e organizzative.

Stefano Bizzozero

Stefano Bizzozero won the Supercup 2017 and the Italian League 2018 as a member of Coach Simone Pianigiani's staff. Born and raised in Milan, he's also an accomplished youth teams coach who won the Under 14 championship in 2014 and had served as an assistant for the Italian National Youth Team.

Edoardo Rabbolini

Edoardo Rabbolini is at the fifth season at Olimpia Milano. He works in two roles, as a scout in the department headed by Roberto Breveglieri, and as coach of the Under 15 team.

Claudio Limardi

Claudio Limardi arrived in Olimpia on April 1st 2012 as a media consultant. He became Director of Communication the following month of July. HIS CAREER - A professional sportswriter since 1990, he worked for il Tirreno daily newspaper before moving to Milano, to Superbasket weekly magazine in the month of March 1990. He moved to Bologna along the publication and supervised at the creation of American Superbasket magazine, too. In 2007 he was a contributed writer for Corriere della Sera and in the same year he signed for Corriere dello Sport-Stadio in Bologna. He was named Editor of Superbasket in Dember of 2009 and stayed there until Februaty 2012. NOTES - As a sportswriter he covered on-site 15 Euroleague Final Four, including the last one with Olimpia Milano on the court (Istanbul 1992) and 15 NBA Finals. he also attended the Dream Team debut in Portland in 1992. As an Olimpia's executive, he's won two Italian league titles, two Italy Cups and one Supercup.

Massimo Miccoli

Massimo Miccoli is a great veteran of Olympia Milano. His activity as a speaker began in 1996. Since then, Miccoli is a kind of institution for the team's internal matches. THE CARRIER - Milanese, Miccoli has been the official voice of NBA events since 1994 and in this role he was speaker at the McDonald's Championship in 1999 and at the Knicks show in 2010, all at the Forum. Since 2000 he has been a journalist at the Swiss Radio and Television in Italy. This after a stay at Radio 101. NOTES - Radio 101 was honored by a long interview with Tim Duncan, the star of the San Antonio Spur.

Enrico Cassì

Enrico Cassì, born in Catania on August 10, 1961, lives in Ragusa, is a Cassationist Lawyer who graduated in Law at the University of Catania in 1986. After more than twenty years of playing basketball (he was captain of Virtus Ragusa) and car racing ( Italian and European Championships Fiat Abarth, Renault and Citroen), since 1986 has been working with his brother Giuseppe Forense in the law firm of his father, specializing in the field of civil law and sports law. He is the legal advisor of Olimpia Milano from the season 2012/13. He has been a member of the Bar Association since 1991. During the three years 1995-1998 he was Vice-Honorary Judge of the Court of Ragusa for the Appointment of the Court of Appeal of Catania. From 1998 to 2000 he was Councilor for Sport of the City of Ragusa. With his law firm for the last twenty years he has consulted and defended players, technicians, prosecutors, arbitrators and professional and amateur clubs in hundreds of sports arbitrations and disciplinary proceedings with the Fip and the Coni. He has been legal guardian of Giba for almost a decade, until 2012. He was legal consultant of the Milanese Playstile - Sarafree in the Italian Championship GT 2005 (Campione d'Italia 2005 with the pilots Vilander and Pierguidi, Ferrari car) . In 2000 he was awarded a Certificate of Benevolence for Sports Merits by the Ragusa Law Firm.

Pierluigi Moscone

Pierluigi Moscone is one of the club's oldest club militia he is currently advisor as well as corporate security officer. In these clothes he piloted the company's transfer to the Mediolanum Forum.

Giampiero Hruby

Giampiero Hruby, born in Trieste on November 6, 1960, was a youth trainer in numerous Serie A clubs, including Olimpia Milano where he spent three years between 1979 and 1982. Assistant Sergio Scariolo in Scavolini Pesaro, Italy in 1990, in the same vein, reached the Euroleague Final Four in 1991. As head captain, he won the A2 Series Championship in Desio in 1994. With his coach career cut off, he completed over 30 technical books, founded the agency "J And J "and developed a scouting service made available to several NBA and EuroLeague clubs. Publisher, Attorney, is since 2012 consultant.

Daniela Gambarelli

Daniela Gambarelli era direttore Amministrazione, Finanza e Controllo della società Simint SpA, controllata dalla Giorgio Armani SpA, nell'estate del 2008 quando il Sig.Giorgio acquisì la Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano le vengono affidate le stesse responsabilità per la società sportiva. Nel settembre 2012 viene nominata consigliere di amministrazione. Adesso è "Finance Manager". Gambarelli ha iniziato a lavorare nel 1982 per la Simint, licenziataria della Giorgio Armani e nel 2005 viene nominata CFO della stessa società che nel frattempo è diventata una controllata totalitaria della Giorgio Armani SpA. Nel 2011, a seguito di due fusione avvenuto a gennaio e a luglio, diventa CFO dell'unica società industriale del gruppo Armani.

Andrea Monticelli

Andrea Monticelli è arrivato all'Olimpia nel 2013 come responsabile del progetto Olimpia Milano Tv, che ha avviato e sviluppato. Tutta l'attività video di intrattenimento e promozionale dell'Olimpia avviene sotto la sua direzione.