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Coach Pianigiani: “We will leave everything on the court, playing with enthusiasm and maturity”


Coach Simone Pianigiani talked about the upcoming big game against Olympiacos, in Milan: “We know what we will face in the lst five regular season games. We’ll play the best teams, home and away. Our goal is to play three great games, especially at home, never look at the standing and play hard. This is the time to leave everything on the floor, in order to stay where we are, against all the predictions that we overcame many times during this season. It’s a not a playoff game, because Olympiacos’ schedule gives them a serious advantage down the stretch. They have great experience in playing this kind of game, even on the road, their Greek players are the heart of their team and they will ride them during the stretch. I mean Spanoulis, Papanikolau, Printezis, Mantazaris and including Milutinov. We have to play with enthusiasm and maturity, because they never lose their poise. We’ll have to survive their defensive effort and we’ll have to take advantage of the moments when we’ll be good and effective. That’s not happening by chance, it happens because we worked hard at creating the right spacing, the right way to fill the lanes in transition. We will have to do that even more tomorrow night, to stay in contention and to  build for the future in a great atmosphere”.