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Coach Pianigiani: “From now on every possession will count, starting in Moscow”


Coach Simone Pianigiani talked this morning about the upcoming EuroLeague game in Moscow, against CSKA: “It’s easy to talk about this game. CSKA is the best offensive team in the entire EuroLeague, they have unparalleled talent, and they know how to play together. They have had the same coach for the last five years and during this time they never lost more than one home game per season. Unfortunately, they have already lost once this season. It’s a prohibitive game, but we don’t have to look at that. We have to think of our game. We know that the last six games are against the four best teams and the two Athens teams, which are for many reasons as good as those other powerhouses. We’ll play one possession at a time, we’ll  never give up and we’ll finish the season fighting for our position. No matter what, we’ll play like that for six straight games and after the last possession we’ll look at the standings. In Moscow, we’ll have to play over our limits at both ends of the floor, and hope that they stay a little below their incredible standards”.