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Alen Omic: “Coming to Milan is like a dream come true”


Alen Omic has completed his first steps as an Olimpia player and is ready to unveil a small secret. “The first time I played in Milan, I told myself that it would be nice to play here one day, in this arena, for this club, and today I’m happy because this dream became true,” he says.

Omic is only 26 but he has already a long career behind him. “I started to play the game in Slovenia at 16, 17, in my town, then I went to Lasko and finallyI went to play for the club with the richest tradition, Olimpia Ljubljana where I stayed for three years and that’s where I made my debut in EuroLeague”, he says. Then the most important clubs noticed him and he moved. In Gran Canaria he had his breakout season: he was included in the All-Eurocup first team. “It was the best season of my career, I played a lot, I played well and we won a lot, we reache the Eurocup finals”, he recalls.

By them obviously the big European clubs had set their eyes on him: Efes Istanbul won the Omic’ sweepstake. Over there, the expectations were high even from Omic’s standpoint. “The problem in Istanbul is that I did not play enough and when I don’t play, I’m not happy, I can not express myself. At that age, I felt I needed to play to improved. So I asked to leave,” he says. So he went to Malaga where he met Jeff Brooks and Nemanja Nedovic and all together they won the Eurocup trophy. “Having players that I’m familiar with, is important: we know each other, we know what we can and we cannot do on the court. Off the court, we are good friends: this also helps”.

Moving from one team to another, midseason is tough: “It’s the third time that happens to me, it’s a difficult process because when you get to a new place, everything is new, team, organization, the city – and this is a big city, so it’s a little like when I moved to Belgrade last year -, but here in Milan the impression was immediately positive. I love everything, and I’m ready to help the team win as much as possible, “he says. His immediate job is to replace Kaleb Tarczewski and to pair with Arturas Gudaitis. “I know both, I have played against them two or three times, with Red Star and with Buducnost, they are tough, physically strong, tough as low-post players. I have great respect for the two of them: I would like to be as useful to the team as they are. I’m here to help, “he says.

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