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A thriller against Olimpia in Istanbul


It was another close call and a loss for Olimpia. It came down to the last couple of possessions: Micov from the line gave Olimpia its last lead, Stimac completed a three-point play using all the experience that was decisive in the end. Olimpia couldn’t get a shot off on the last try so Efes won 73-68. It was a frustrating loss because Olimpia came back strong after trailing by as much as nine points in the first period and by executing the plan, defending well was capable to gain control a couple of times in the third and in the middle of the fourth. “And any time something happened. Se couldn’t produce the extra effort to swing the game in out favor” Coach Simone Pianigiani said at the end. Olimpia had to cope with many injuries and some of the guys available were in bad conditions like Jerrells and Gudaitis. “The week leading up to the game has been a nightmare – Pianigiani said – we are not healthy and in shape. That’s why we missed many good shots. We didn’t have our legs but after coming close so many times it’s important to keep our confidence level up”.