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One Day, One Play: Micov reads, intercepts the pass and launch himself on the break


This play, executed during the game won in Milan against Zenit St. Petersburg, reflects the great ability of Vlado Micov to anticipate and read in-game situations. What makes the play effective is also the effort and determination with which Micov completed it.

Olimpia is on the defensive half-court, when the opposing point-man, Andrew Albicy, tries to drive on the right side of the court, drawing the whole defense attention. Right then, Micov covers the weak side of the court, where two Zenit players are stationed, Will Thomas along the baseline and Mateusz Ponitka. The Olimpia forward is halfway between the two. But the Abicy-Thomas passing line is obstructed, so the only possible way out of a difficult situation is to pass the ball to Ponitka. When Albicy picks the ball up, Micov has already understood the play’s development and has already begun the move to intercept the pass. When the ball comes, a slow, high pass necessary to fly over Gustavo Ayon in the middle, Micov puts his hand on the ball and directs it to the other halfcourt.

Eventually, just to make fun of the popular belief that he’s not that fast, he beats Ponitka down the floor, manages to touch the ball again and launch himself towards the basket for two easy points.